Revolutionary communication

You see. You hear. You feel. vypii is the perfect tool for presentations over distance.

“So far and yet so close, when online feels real.”

vypii takes online interaction to the next level.
Interact globally
Interact with people wherever they are via livestream packed with cutting-edge features.
Connect in one click
One click is all it takes to connect you instantly with your viewers.
Authentic and emotional
vypii makes online communication human. Viewers feel as if they were physically present.
Technology made simple
No dedicated software, no download, no registration is required: vypii is fully web-based.
Countless use cases
vypii can be used for countless purposes including sales, product launches, training or remote assistance.
Ecologically friendly
With vypii travelling and commuting can be reduced resulting in lower emissions and time savings.

Viewer perspective

Viewers can be your customers, followers, colleagues or anyone else.
Trustful interaction
Trustful interaction
You are a presenter. Your viewers see through your eyes. They hear with your ears. You can hear but not see your viewers.

Presenter perspective

The presenter can be you, your colleague, a salesperson, an instructor or anyone else.
Livestream overlays
Livestream overlays
During each livestream, you can fade in text overlays. Overlays can contain specific information about a product or service.