Let’s be greener

With vypii, travelling and commuting can be reduced, resulting in lower emissions and time savings. Technological innovation and a healthier world can go hand in hand. We are proud to contribute our part to a greener planet.
Together with its customer, vypii continuously expands its own forest. Our trees have absorbed more than 11.000 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere. This corresponds to 84,615 basketballs and counting.

A strong and local supporter

By having planted its trees by small farmers, vypii directly supports their local communities. To achieve maximum transparency, each tree is photographed, geo-localized and has its own website. Websites are kept up-to-date to show you how tree planting works on site.

vypii and Treedom

Together with its partners, Treedom finances agroforestry projects around the world. vypii’s vision is to create, together with Treedom, self-sustaining and sustainable ecosystems that support thousands of small, tree planting farmers. The fruits of the trees benefit the farmers, their families and local communities. vypii’s financial contribution supports the farmer until their trees bear fruit.